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Шиномонтаж и балансировка

Tire fitting and balancing

The “ReCar” network of modern car services of Range Rover, Land Rover, Jaguar  provides professional tire fitting, as well as wheel balancing and tire repair in Kiev. In service centers, the whole range of tire fitting works is carried out:

Mounting and dismounting is carried out by qualified specialists using special equipment, which eliminates the possibility of damage to discs or rubber during tire fitting.

In addition to the restoration of disks, there are also available services to eliminate bloating, cracks, tears, cuts and other various defects in car tires. Properly performed balancing positively affects the handling of the car, increases the level of safety, and also reduces wear on tires and suspension parts. ReCar Station Masters specialize in servicing the entire Range Rover, Land Rover, Jaguar and many other premium cars.

For more information, call (044) 281 23 20 or fill out the feedback form, and our manager will  contact you within 2 minutes!

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