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British cars Range Rover, Land Rover and Jaguarr in many respects are considered reference. They are high quality, reliable and stylish. But even they periodically need maintenance, which must be qualified and reliable. Only with a professional approach you can identify all the problems and eliminate them qualitatively. ReCar offers its services to car owners of these brands who want to keep them in perfect condition for as long as possible.

Timely detection of problems is the main task for the owner of the car. This prevents further damage. Applying to a proven company that specializes in cars Range Rover, Land Rover and Jaguar, guarantees high quality performance of the full range of necessary technical work. Qualified employees of the company have the necessary experience and knowledge, which ensures quality at the level of an official dealer.

In any case, do not contact the service station of dubious origin, located somewhere in the garages. An unprofessional approach is likely to worsen the situation. As a result, you will still have to take the car for repairs to professionals, which will cause double financial losses.

Proper repair involves an individual approach to each problem. Under the specific brand of British car and model, the optimal strategy for maintenance is selected. It is based on diagnostics, which is performed using modern equipment. The company’s employees have access to all recommendations and instructions from the manufacturers, which guarantees the perfect quality of any work.

The company specializes in three brands of British cars. All attention is focused on them, which allows you to provide many undeniable benefits for all customers. Among the main advantages are:

high quality of each detail which will be used during works;
consumables are also always of the highest quality;
for all works, details the long guarantee is provided;
the car can be given for service at any time convenient for the client, as well as to pick up;
offers a wide range of high quality services.

If necessary, company employees can evacuate the car if it is defective. The car is delivered to the service center, where an inspection is carried out, complete recovery. You can consult with the company’s employees in advance, find out which spare parts are better to replace, how much it will cost to perform the work, etc. All work is carried out by experienced professionals, but at more attractive prices than official dealers. The difference in cost is about 20-30%, but with a similar level of quality and reliability.

Problems with Range Rover air suspension

пневмоподвеска Range Rover

Range Rover cars are designed for heavy loads, but are operated on Ukrainian roads, and constant driving in potholes can provoke problems with the air suspension. Tough conditions do not go unnoticed, so you need to pay extra attention to the condition of the suspension. If you find the slightest problem, you should immediately contact the service center.

Faults in air suspensions Range Rover are divided into typical and rare. In the first case, the main thing in time to contact a proven car service that specializes in British cars. This will allow you to count on prompt troubleshooting, warranty and other advantages. Typical fault categories:

• air leakage;

• electrical problems;

• faults of mechanical origin.

Air leakage is considered the most common fault. To protect the pneumatic unit from breakouts, you need to properly operate the vehicle and closely monitor the condition of the car.

In some cars there is a defect due to which there is a leak in the front of the suspension. The problem is solved by replacing the front struts or cylinders. Problems with air leakage from the rear suspension cylinders and the valve block are also common.

Electrical failures include damage to altitude sensors, compressor equipment, etc.

Mechanical failures include failure of the chassis and racks.

At detection of characteristic signs of problems with a suspension bracket, professional diagnostics is required. Pros of auto diagnostic in a specialized center:

• efficiency;

• accuracy of failure detection;

• further recovery.

To calibrate the Range Rover air suspension, contact a proven service. The process has distinctive features and requires the use of special equipment. In the specialized service center “ReCar” the necessary conditions for restoration of an air suspension bracket are created. An official guarantee is provided, original components are used in the process.

ReCar service center guarantees the quality of services provided!

Replacement of timing chains (chain guides, drive chain, chains and their parts, timing chain tensioner) Range Rover and Jaguar cars

Цепи ГРМ Range Rover

The gas distribution mechanism is an element of the car, which is used to remove exhaust gases and inject the combustible mixture into the engine cylinders. The circuit is responsible for synchronizing the process. Despite the high quality, in cars Jaguar and Range Rover.

this item may also fail. To make a replacement, it is desirable to contact a specialized car service. This guarantees the quality of work, efficiency and other advantages.

In British cars, the service life of the timing chain is limited and can be further reduced by improper operation of the mechanism, as well as ignoring maintenance.

If the chain breaks, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible. You need to closely monitor the serviceability of the element. If problems are found, it is advisable to contact a specialized service Range Rover and Jaguar as soon as possible.

You need to contact the service when there are extraneous sounds from under the hood, including tapping the chain. The average service life of the chain is 100 thousand km. At each technical inspection diagnostics of the motor, GRM is carried out. ReCar mechanics have the appropriate skills, equipment and experience to replace the timing chain in both Jaguars and Range Rovers. In parallel with the chain, the masters recommend the replacement of other elements, such as sprockets, seals, etc.

The procedure for replacing the timing chain is complex and requires partial disassembly of the motor. When carrying out works it is important to use original Jaguar Land Rover spare parts. Experienced mechanics “ReCar” will professionally replace the chain, as well as provide an appropriate guarantee.

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