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Автосервис РЕКАР| Диагностика, сервис и ремонт Land Rover, Range Rover, Jaguar.

To Corporative Clients

The network of car service centers “ReCar” invites legal and physical persons who own any parks of cars to cooperate. By concluding a comprehensive maintenance agreement, you get a quick, highly qualified service for the diagnosis and troubleshooting of faults in a car, reasonable prices, quality control and the timeliness of scheduled technical inspections.

The contract implies the constant availability of spare parts for cars used in the auto fleet. There is also the possibility of installing additional equipment to facilitate control over the movement of vehicles and reduce maintenance costs.    Comprehensive fleet maintenance will help you maintain the perfect condition of vehicles, and also has a number of significant advantages:

  • extraordinary service;
  • quick troubleshooting;
  • regular inspection and diagnosis;
  • maintenance and repair of personal vehicles of employees;
  • seasonal transport service;
  • cash and non-cash payments are available, as well as the provision of services with deferred payment.

Our advantage is the authority and well-deserved, over the years, customer trust. The high quality of our services allows us to confidently focus on long-term cooperation with customers. We have experience working both with enterprises and with individuals.

Car service has modern specialized equipment necessary for high-precision diagnosis and repair of any level of complexity:

modern 3D HOFMANN wheel alignment stand. Provides the most accurate measurement of data in a few minutes and, as a result, high speed performance and maintenance;·       line of instrumental control “BOSCH SDL 260”. It allows for 10-15 minutes to conduct a complete comprehensive diagnosis of the entire chassis of the car, having received accurate data on the state of suspension, the percentage of wear of shock absorbers, silent blocks and brake system.   We offer a full range of services and all types of work:

  • high-precision integrated computer diagnostics of the car, as well as its systems;
  • wheel alignment, tire fitting, balancing and free seasonal storage of tires; scheduled maintenance;
  • repair of the chassis, transmission, automatic transmission and engine overhaul;
  • bodypainting;
  • dry cleaning, washing and bodywork;
  • installation of additional equipment and accessories.

We guarantee the prompt implementation of work and their timely execution. The guarantee for the service and repair work performed in the service centers of the “ReCar” network is given from the date of their execution or transfer of the repaired vehicle to the Customer. The warranty period is set in accordance with Appendix No. 4 of the “Rules for the provision of services for maintenance and repair of automobile vehicles”, approved by order of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine No. 615 of November 28, 2014, registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on December 17, 2014 at number No. 1609 / 26386.
We work with cash and non-cash payment, we are VAT payers. We individually consider with each client mutually beneficial terms of cooperation under a service agreement 24/7.    We provide a full package of accounting documents. Ready to bid.

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