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Attention, the new«reBonus»!

Attention, the new«reBonus»!

To always stay healthy and protect yourself and your family from various infections, «ReСar» offers a new «reBonus»!

Antibacterial treatment of air ducts and interior – 777 UAH!

We are worried about the health of our customers, so the campaign will end only when the situation in the country stabilizes.

Take care of yourself!

Our address:

Capital Highway 104a.

Our phones:

+38 (044) 281-23-20

+38 (067) 505-71-68

Скидка на все виды услуг 30%

Meet spring with the amazing «reBonus»!


So the next winter season ends, it’s time to comprehensively tidy up the car! The company «ReСar» announces a super-current «reBonus»!

Until the end of winter (02.29.2020), a discount on ALL TYPES OF SERVICES is 30%.

Call now!

+38 (044) 281-23-20

+38 (067) 505-71-68

Акция_диагностика ходовой

Dear friends!


Scheduled maintenance is a necessary measure to prevent various breakdowns in your car. It is much simpler, from the point of view of safety and financial influences, to notice and prevent malfunctions in the initial stages in time.

The most of breakdowns falls on the chassis of the car are due to poor road conditions and overly active driving habits of our drivers.In view of this, we offer you a new fantastic «reBonus»!!!

When undergoing scheduled maintenance, you will receive the service of running gear diagnostics in just 1 UAH.

Hurry to book for maintenance! After all, the action lasts only one week – 17/02/2020 – 23/02/2020!

Ребонус_тормозные колодки

Dear Clients! Meet the new super-profitable «reBonus»!


When replacing brake pads, you get for just 1 hryvnia pumping of the brake system and fluid.

Regular inspection of the pads and the condition of the brake fluid is extremely necessary еspecially considering the mileage of the car and the quality of the roads.

The «ReСar» company enables you to profitably and timely maintain the perfect condition of your car.

Attention!!! Promotion period – 10.02.2020-16.02.2020.

Страховка ОСАГО

«ReСar» welcomes you and announces the new «reBonus»!

High-quality repairs that solve all your problems with the car are sometimes very expensive. But we always meet customers and in order to save your money, we offer a very favorable bonus!

In the event that the cost of servicing and repairing your car exceeds UAH 10 000, we provide a discount of 20% on the CTP insurance policy!

Using this useful «reBonus», you will comprehensively solve all issues regarding the car, while saving time and money.

Please note that the «ReСar» auto center owns the Hannover Re Oberig» franchise and, being representatives of an insurance company, guarantees the high quality of the services offered.

This «reBonus» starts on 28/01/2020 and is valid indefinitely!

We are waiting for you at Stolichnoe highway 104a.

+38 (044) 281-23-20

+38 (067) 505-71-68

Акция на диагностику ходовой

«ReBonus »Attention! Discount on running gear diagnostics!


Dear customers, the first «reBonus» has arrived! From 01/27/20 to 02/02/20 running diagnostics total – 360 UAH!!

Bonus – a special price for repairs based on the result of car diagnostics!!

We are waiting for you at 104a Stolichnoye Shosse.!

Hurry up to use «reBonus», because the time of the action is limited!!


Ребонус акция

«reBonus» – a year of profitable promotional offers!

Dear friends!

«ReCar» is committed to ensuring that you always keep your vehicle in excellent condition and timely diagnose various problems.

Thereby, we announce «reBonus» – a year of promotions, discounts and bonuses!

You will regularly receive a newsletter from which you will learn about a new offer for a certain period.

In order to respond to the offer you are interested in, you just need to present the «reBonus» newsletter from «ReCar».

Please pay attention to the terms of the promotion and additional bonuses that we offer for the implementation of highly professional and quality service for your car!

Акции Рекар

New prices for Range Rover!

05/03 / 2019-30 / 04/2019

New prices * for parts and service for Range Rover

The ReCar car service network supports the official Jaguar Land Rover dealer and announces a reduction in spare parts prices as well as service work for Range Rover SUVs.

Starting March 5, 2019, the ReCar network has new prices * for all Range Rover models:

  • up to 30% * benefits when buying spare parts;
  • guaranteed special cost for service work -30%

ReCar car service advantages:

  • convenient location of service centers;
  • reception and issuance of cars 24/7 without queues;
  • modern diagnostic equipment;
  • wide range of original spare parts and accessories;
  • certified specialists;
  • transparent service history;
  • premium service.

Details by phone: (067) 505 71 68


Addresses of service stations in Kiev:

Stolichnoye shosse, 104-A

See you at ReCar!


*The new price means a reduction in price of up to 30% for original spare parts and a guaranteed discount of -30% for service work for Range Rover cars. The size of the discount depends on the car model and spare part. The calculation of the cost of spare parts is indicated in the work order during the passage of maintenance. New prices are valid from March 05, 2019. TOV “RECAR” reserves the right to further change prices unilaterally without prior notice and approval.

Скидка выходного дня

Weekend discounts!

09/08/2018 – 12/30/2018

Dear friends!

Since September 8, a unique offer begins to operate in the network of our car services “ReCar” for those who are conveniently serviced at the weekend.

Arriving at our place on Saturday or Sunday by appointment on a pre-agreed invoice for car repair and maintenance, you will automatically receive a discount of up to 30% for work and an individual price for spare parts!

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