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Знакомьтесь – оборудование нашего центра автосервиса “ReCar”

Meet – the equipment of our car center “ReCar”

Wheel alignment stand (RUUK) HOFMANN Geoliner

You, as a car owner, probably know that your 4-wheel friend periodically needs a procedure that is usually called a “wheel alignment”. Let’s try to figure out what the mysterious angles of the wheels are, and why you need to carefully and sometimes quite often adjust them.

The “wheel alignment” procedure is the setting of the angles of the wheels so that they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. The purpose of these installations is to increase the life of the car tires, to maintain the correct trajectory of the vehicle along the road surface as when driving in a straight line, and especially when maneuvering. As a rule, 4 angles of wheel position are checked and adjusted: caster (from the English “caster”), toe, camber and axle position.

Caster is the angle between the projection of the axis of rotation of the wheel on the longitudinal plane of the car and the vertical. Thanks to the longitudinal tilt, self-alignment of the steered wheels during movement is achieved. In a simple, understandable language, the car independently gets out of the turn – the steering wheel, released and having a free wheeling, independently returns to the position characteristic of straight-line movement on a flat road surface, with mechanisms properly adjusted.
Camber – the angle between the plane of rotation of the wheel and the vertical. If the wheels “look” with the top side out – the camber is positive, directed inward – the camber is negative. On a car with a semi-independent or independent suspension, the collapse changes in the case of a roll of the car, as well as with an increase or decrease in the degree of loading. It is the collapse that provides the best contact of the tread with the road surface when driving and stability when cornering. The controllability of the car depends on the correct camber, as well as the nature and intensity of tread wear.
Toe – the angle between the plane of rotation of the wheel and the direction of movement of the car. Mentioning this parameter, they mean the total convergence of 2 wheels on the same axis. In certain vehicle models, the toe and rear wheels can be adjusted. If the angle of convergence is incorrect, you are guaranteed very quick wear of the rubber.
The angle of the transverse tilt – the angle between the projection of the axis of rotation of the wheel on the transverse plane of the machine and the vertical. Thanks to the lateral tilt angle, the steered wheels are self-leveling due to the mass of the car.

What do we get as a result? The fact that the correct and timely adjustment of camber, toe, transverse tilt and caster angles provides an adequate and accurate response of the components and assemblies of your car to your driver’s actions, which is one of the components of driving safety.

For modern high-tech cars, such as Range Rover and Jaguar, professionally adjusted alignment helps to significantly increase the service life of tires, allows you to find damage to suspension parts in time, which can cause serious problems.

At the ReCar car service center, our specialists use PROFESSIONAL RUUK tuning equipment from HOFMANN – Geoliner 650 and 680, a versatile and accurate hardware tool with a high degree of measurement.

Patented camera technology provides accurate real-time measurements.

Volumetric manufacturer data provides a quick and accurate choice of vehicle model for proper tuning.

High-resolution cameras provide our experts with accurate measurement results and diagnostic data in real time

Measurement and adjustment of a single wheel allows you to configure as accurately as possible each car.

Remember that checking RUUK every 20-30 thousand km will help you avoid unnecessary costs for the purchase of rubber and suspension elements.

All the necessary procedures for your Range Rover, Land Rover and Jaguar can be completed in our center.

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