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Замена цепей ГРМ (направляющие цепи, цепь привода, цепи и их части, натяжитель цепи ГРМ) автомобилей Range Rover и Jaguar

Replacing timing chains (guide chains, drive chain, chains and parts, timing chain tensioner) for Range Rover and Jaguar

The gas distribution mechanism is an element of the car, which is used to remove exhaust gases and inject fuel into the engine cylinders. The chain is responsible for synchronizing the process. Despite the high quality, in the cars Jaguar and Range Rover.

this item may also fail. To make a replacement, it is advisable to contact a highly specialized car service. This guarantees the quality of work, efficiency and other advantages.

In British cars, the operating life of the timing chain is limited and can be further reduced by improper use of the mechanism, as well as neglect of maintenance.

If the circuit breaks, an early replacement is required. It is necessary to carefully monitor the health of the element. If problems are found, it is advisable to contact the specialized Range Rover and Jaguar service as soon as possible.

You need to contact the service when there are extraneous sounds from under the hood, including tapping the chain. On average, the service life of the chain is 100 thousand km. At each technical inspection, a diagnosis of the engine, timing is performed. The mechanics of the “ReCar” car service have the appropriate skills, the necessary equipment and the necessary experience in replacing the timing chain in both the Jaguar and the Range Rover. In parallel with the chain, the masters recommend replacing other elements such as sprockets, oil seals, etc.

The timing chain replacement procedure is complex and requires partial disassembly of the motor. When carrying out work, it is important to use genuine Jaguar Land Rover parts. Experienced ReCar mechanics professionally replace the chain and provide the appropriate warranty.

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