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Прием автомобиля на комиссионную продажу

Commissioned car for sale

We offer you to hand over the vehicle for commission to our car dealership.

We have for sale a variety of cars, and anyone can quickly and easily purchase the option they like.

It is important to understand that our company is a car dealership, not a platform for sale.

Therefore, we check each incoming car ourselves, and we ourselves are engaged in sales.




To rent a car for commission, you just need to drive it to our salon!

After inspection and approval of the price, an agreement and an act of acceptance are concluded.

If the price is not too high, the car is sold through us for a month!


When a decision was made to sell a car!

The car owner can choose at least two ways. The first is the self-placement of ads, the second is the commissioning of a car.

With a regular sale, when the owner does this personally, the inevitable cost of time is negotiating by phone, as well as meeting with potential buyers, trips to diagnostics, and self-processing of documents. In the event that the car is commissioned, other people will be engaged in the sale, and besides, professionals in their work.

The advantages of this choice:

Briefly about such a service we can say that it guarantees the simplicity and safety of the sale.

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