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Предпродажная подготовка

Presale auto

The market for used cars has grown significantly in recent years. Unlike statistics on the number of new sales, used car sales are impressive growth rates.

Most buyers of used cars are faced with  dishonesty of sellers, as a result of which extra expenses for repairs are received.

A comprehensive diagnosis is necessary to obtain an accurate assessment of the condition before buying or before selling a car.

Carrying out a number of repairs allows you to easily imagine a decrepit car that has survived a serious accident in excellent condition.

Do not trust persuasion, the right decision would be to involve ReCar specialists in the process of buying or selling a car.

We will timely identify:

  • painted and repaired body elements;
  • malfunctions of electronics;
  • disturbances in the operation of key nodes.

Experts of the ReCar car service network pay particular attention to all the small details of equipment and decoration, because your health and the safety of your passengers depend on this.

The ReCar company is engaged in expert inspection of vehicles and diagnostics of its individual parts using only modern, expensive equipment. After a thorough diagnosis, certified ReCar experts will help you profitably buy or sell a car!

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