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Мойка, химчистка салона, антидождь, обработка кузова, пластика и кожи

Washing, dry cleaning, anti-rain, bodywork, plastic and leather

The condition of the interior of the car is exposed to the negative effects of exhaust gases, process fluids, sunlight, moisture and temperature changes.  The door handles, steering wheel and gear lever handle are shiny due to a constant touching with hands.

The ReCar network provides the following car cleaning and tidying services:

  • express, complex, manual, technical and two-stage washing;
  • removal of insect traces;
  • bitumen removal;
  • engine wash;
  • application of solid / liquid wax;
  • rubbing plastic;
  • dry cleaning of the passenger compartment and trunk;
  • anti-rain;
  • cleaning and treatment of leather interior;
  • dry cleaning of rims.

The huge experience in the field of car service, the use of high-quality car chemicals from leading manufacturers and focusing on details allow us to carry out our work efficiently.

The main difference between ReCar and its competitors is that we are truly passionate about what we do. For us, car care is much more than a way to make money.

We will be glad to see you at the network  service centers ! Call and use the ReCar services of a car wash!

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