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Компьютерная диагностика электрических и электронных систем автомобиля

Computer diagnostics of electrical and electronic systems of a car

Electrical equipment is an indispensable part of the vehicle, representing a complex set of appliances, sensors and devices that are responsible for the correct functioning of the car. Timely computer diagnostics is the key to reliable service of Range Rover, Land Rover and Jaguar cars.

Diagnostics involves the study of automotive systems using special computer equipment in order to detect malfunctions.

The network of ReCar service centers performs computer electrodiagnostics of Range Rover, Land Rover and Jaguar. For the diagnosis of the electrical part, we use only Jaguar Land Rover certified diagnostic equipment and licensed software.

Using computer diagnostics, it is possible to conduct examinations of:

On the basis of the obtained data, an error analysis of the vehicle electrical systems is carried out with their subsequent elimination. As a result, the problems are eliminated, thereby confirming the successful elimination of the breakdown. In case of problems associated with the functioning of the electrical systems of the car, call and our specialists will fix the problem as soon as possible!

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