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Dacia Logan

5800 $
Год выпуска: 2008
Пробег: 180000
Двигатель: 1,6
Топливо: бензин
КПП: ручная
Привод: передний
Кузов: универсал
Цвет: Голубой

ОПИСАНИЕ: автомобиль в хорошем состоянии. Пригнан из Европы. Все узлы и агрегаты исправны. Финансовых вложений не требует.

Autocentre «ReCar» offers magnificent CARS AVAILABLE AND AVAILABLE for every taste.

The essence of our car center is a comprehensive solution in the sale and maintenance of cars. Despite the fact that we specialize in servicing brands such as Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover, our professionals will expertly carry out work on almost all brands.

All used cars have passed PRE-SALES PREPARATION and were diagnosed on a unique diagnostic line SDL 260

BUYING A CAR FROM US, you will receive FULL HISTORY and SPECIAL CONDITIONS for servicing the purchased car.

Autocentre «ReCar» offers FULL DOCUMENTARY SUPPORT: we will help to quickly register a car (MREO — 100m from the autocenter), we assist in registration.

You can also get auto insurance from us.

If you have not found the CAR OF YOUR DREAM with us, the ReCar company is always ready to help in the search, delivery, customs clearance, certification, repair and, if necessary, the service of ordering a car.

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